Quality Management

OMI Pumps is sincerely committed to manufacturing and supplying high-quality products and first-class services that satisfy and delight the customers through magnificent performance and cost-effectiveness.

The organization continuously strives to make products of higher quality, an important aspect for the employees to achieve consistent organizational growth and awareness.

The primary motive of our organization is;

  • To supply defect-free, safe, dependable products and services to the customers on time, every time.
  • To have a built-in Quality Assurance for the entire cycle, from product design to service.
  • To appreciate and recognize employees, vendors, dealers, and customers in their effort regarding quality improvement.
  • To provide and satisfy the customers with new products through leadership and innovation.
  • To emphasize on prevention of non-conformities rather than cure.
  • To reflect the concern for the environment and protection of scarce resources.
  • To achieve the above through implementation of the ISO 9001 standard.