Ball Check Valve Flanged

OMI Ball Check valve is a product designed and manufactured by our R&D Team. These are originally ball-type non-return valves and are much more efficient than the flap-type valves.

A very simple and robust design with no mechanism involved. The heart of the ball valve is a rubber-coated ball. The mechanism of the hinge pin disc used in conventional check valves is eliminated and a rubber-coated ball to arrest flow media in return condition.

As the pump starts, the ball moves out totally from the flow path when the pumping is on giving a full bore maximum flow/discharge with minimum head loss. As the pump stops, the ball rolls back and seats perfectly in the rounded valve seat ensuring a complete leak-proof sealing.

Nominal Bore Size 1.25”, 1.5”,2”,2.5”,3”&4”.
Body Test Pressure 0.5 MPa
Seal Test Pressure 0.02 MPa
Liquid Clear Cold Water

Lowest possible pressure drop across the valves.

It increases water discharge up to 20% and reduces power consumption up to 10%.

Nitrile Rubber Ball ensure long life and continuous performance

Compact and easy to install.

Easily replaceable parts.

100% Leak Proof

Can be used for any types of liquid

Non Clogging and self-cleaning as the ball rotates during operation.

No wear and tear and no maintenance required.

Higher solids handling capacity.


Used in all pipelines to reduce friction losses and improve discharge and reduce power consumption

Plumbing in Fire systems



All type of liquid

Material of Construction of Valve
Part Name Material
Body Cast Iron
Ball Nitrile Reinforced
Paint Anti Rust Black Paint
Sealing Ring Nitrile up to 80 mm / L T Bronze for 100 mm
Fasteners Carbon Steel