Om Murugan Industries, established and commenced operations in the year 1972, is situated in the Industrial city of Coimbatore.

We primarily serve the agricultural pumps market with the brand name of ‘OMI PUMPS’, within a couple of decades, we advanced in our respective field and became renowned for spreading smiles and sharing happiness in the country with our remarkable quality pumps.

We are specialized in the production of Centrifugal Monoblocks, Submersible pumps, Jet pumps, Open-well submersible pumps, Compressors and Induction motors. We take pride in being one of the few companies around the world to manufacture full stainless steel submersible pump sets in Investment casting and as well as stainless steel fabrication with precise standards.

We export products to the global markets with the brand name “TORREN PUMPS”, which is a versatile Venture and an attempt to manufacture for the global markets with the finest world-class quality products.

OMI Pumps stands solid with the experience of almost 50 years, empowered with highly skilled employees, fully equipped-infrastructure, wide-spread network of dealers and distributors; both locally and globally and most importantly our loyal customers who are happy and well-satisfied with our Quality products are the major factors of our organization’s strength.

With an area of 150000 Sqr Ft, the company is built enormously to structure the business that is spread over three locations.

Our organization has two in-house foundries that cater to the requirements of the company, whose annual consumption is around 1200 tons of casting. The organization’s center of focus is all about accentuating and developing products and empowering employees in the long run.

Leading in the industry with a turnover of around 300 million rupees, the company has employed over 130 people directly and an equal number of people indirectly and has over 1000 varieties of pumps present in today’s market. A wide network of the company’s branches and dealers ensures that the products and services are easily available to the customers in every nook and corner of the country.


Vision is to provide products at the best Price, best quality and best in industry service and to serve mankind by fulfilling their water needs by manufacturing energy-efficient pump sets.


To produce pumps that empower the society, emphasize the need for the development of the society and improve the quality of work-life of the employees without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We frequently communicate with societal crowds to come up with new ideas and fresh concepts for the common people and farmers. We provide to various ensure environmental sustainability and safety. OMI Pumps works with different organizations to create a happy and healthy environment.

At OMI Pumps, we emphasize and recognize the empowerment of our employees as our very own advancement. OMI Pumps considers society’s requirements and encourages the betterment of society through innovation in the pumps that sustain and improve the lives of customers.

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