Solar System

OMI Solar Pumping comprises Solar Photovoltaic Modules, Solar Pump Controllers, Pumpset and Mounting Structure. The Solar Modules are used to convert sunlight to electricity.

Solar Pump Controllers convert DC power received from the Photovoltaic cells to AC along with Variable Frequency drive for optimizing the speed and control of the pump set.

The Module Mounting Structure is completely Hot dipped galvanized and has a Fixed structure, Manual tracking system, Automatic tracking system and Dual-axis position. These structural options are given as per the customer’s requirement.

Power Range 0.5 HP to 25 HP
Voltage Range 380V- 440V, AC Three-phase, 50Hz
Voltage Range 80V, 110V, 155V, 220V, AC Three-phase , 50Hz
Head Maximum 500 M
Discharge Maximum 1600 LPM

Easy To Install

Eco Friendly

One Time Cost and lifelong free Running.

High Operating Efficiency.

Low Running Cost.

Fully automatic Pump Controller



Agriculture/ Irrigation




Photovoltaic Array

High-Efficiency PV modules with IEC standards

Multiple configurations – 72, 60, and 36 cells

Wide power range – from 240 W to 325 W

Enhanced low light performance

Minimum moisture ingress for greater longevity of the modules

Top-rated highly classified bins of solar cells

Selection of best quality of materials and matching of components for harvesting more power

High anodized Aluminium frame

High reliability in extreme weather conditions


All Pumps and Motors are suitably modified to operate with the variable speed drives

All pumps are designed for higher discharge output per day by early starting and Late stop characteristics

Inverter for A.C. Motors (VFD)

Operates without grid directly from photovoltaic (PV) cells

Automatic start and stop with solar radiation

Built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

Easy installation and set-up

Compatible with all pump types

Compact and uniform drive module design (IP20)

Dual supply capability with change over switch – solar and grid compatible

Sensorless vector control

Remote Monitoring

Housed in an IP54 protection

Mounting Structures

Hot-dip galvanized iron with 80-100 micron thickness

High reliability in extreme weather conditions

Withstands high wind loads and wind velocities