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OMI 1972

OMI Pumps started functioning in 1972 with the aim to supply water and spread smiles among mankind. We started with producing coupled pumps, monoblock pumps, foot valves, check valves and flanges for agricultural growth and customer development. Over the years, OMI Pumps has earned a reputation for the standards and quality of pumps we manufacture and distribute.

Acknowledging the society's requirements and farmers growth, OMI Pumps introduced submersible pumps. These pumps are highly-equipped with salient features aimed to accomplish tasks suitable for agricultural purposes. Farmers were greatly benefited through submersible pumps. OMI Pumps firmly believes that the recognition of a nation is dependable upon the empowerment of the farmers.

OMI Pumps ventured into a new brand with the respective name 'BARANI INDUSTRIES' in 1996. Barani Industries primarily focused on manufacturing exceptional quality Domestic and Single Phase pumps. These pumps were proven to be profitable for household requirements and productive for agricultural purposes. Barani Industries work full-fledgedly in improving the lives of our customers and society through our superior quality pumps.

OMI Pumps introduced and ventured into a new brand named 'TORREN PUMPS' in 2009. TORREN Pumps were mainly launched to export remarkable quality pumps.

TORREN Pumps started manufacturing first class products and exported them to the global markets to serve the needs and requirements of the universal audiences. These pumps were produced with the objective to satisfy the international markets and complement their preferences. With continuous development and hard work TORREN Pumps a familiar name in the global market.

OMI Pumps desires to be acknowledged for their excellent world class quality pumps that serves its purpose in households and agricultural evolution. We started the Modern Machine Shop with the latest and highly sophisticated CNC to improvise internal to regulate the production of high quality pumps.

Upgraded the machine shop through expansion in 2014. The purpose for the expansion was to enhance and maximise the production of finest quality pumps, and also to synchronise with the latest technologies to manufacture products that are required and preferred in the markets. These advancements were warmly welcomed the market and customers.

Sheet metal fabrication unit came into action to manufacture Stainless Steel Submersible components that are capable of sustaining the external factors during the operations. This unit ensures that the pumps are produced with perfection and capacity to handle situations with class and quality.

OMI Pumps established a fully automatic cast iron foundry to intensify the production of pumps and to strengthen the quality. The cast iron foundry is well-structured and competent to handle 3600 tonnes of iron per annum to meet the market growth and capture the customers by producing products according to their preferences. The cast iron foundry is completely protected with appropriate safety measures to ensure our employees well-being.

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