About Us

Om Murugan Industries, established and commenced operations in the year 1972, is situated in the Industrial city of Coimbatore.



Pressure boosting


Waste Water


Our Products

To produce pumps that empower the society, emphasize the need for the development of the society, and improve the quality of work-life of the employees without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction.


The organisation is sincerely committed to manufacturing

and supplying high-quality products and first-class services that satisfy and delight the customers through Magnificent performance and cost-effectiveness. The organization continuously strives to make products of higher quality, an important aspect for the employees to achieve consistent organizational growth and awareness.

Defect-free & Safe

To supply defect-free, safe, dependable products and services to the customers on time, every time.

Manufacturing Plants

To implement lean in all our manufacturing plants.

ISO 9001 Standard

To achieve the above through implementation of the ISO 9001 standard.